◆cuetracks ◆

雲の流れゆくまま / 2004.10.6.(Tokuma Japan Communications) TKCA-72736

夜空が夕焼けをつつむ頃 / 2004.9.1.(Tokuma Japan Communications)  TKCA-72712

Bright Lane /2004.1.21. (Tokuma Japan Communications) TKCA-72637

オクリモノ / 2003.12.3 (Tokuma Japan Communications) TKCA-72616

AQUA /2003.8.21. (Tokuma Japan Communications) TKCA-72566

scene spectrum /2002.10.9. (Tokuma Japan Communications) TKCA-72412

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mood design 2 / 2002.7.3. (imc records *NML Entertainment) RUCI-2001

mood design 1 / 2001.12.1



◆other works◆

LAVA <Heart AND Soul> “Heart AND Soul” (m-1) “Paddle” (m-3) / 2015.9.23 (Mundo Novo) MN-1001

Namy & Piano with Headphone <Sweet Museum> “I Dreamed A Dream” (m-2) / 2015.3.7. (Sweet Museum Records) SWEM-001

Plutrio <Usual Miracles>  “melody” (m-10) / 2013 (plutrirecords) plu-0003

LAVA <4 Vida>  “Brazilian Waver” (m-2) “Sharing Love” (m-4) “Trance Human” (m-10) “Dive” (m-12) / 2012.4.11 (Ultra-Vybe Inc.) OTCD-2321

Yuko Sumida Jackson & DJ LAVA <AGOYSTA MUSICA YOGA> “Can You Feel The Love” (m-1) “Dive” (m-5) / 2011.12.21. (Ultra-Vybe Inc.) OTCD-2320

団塊の世代の唄 <団塊の世代へ贈る唄 vol.3 & vol.4>  “1948 (Version.1)” (m-2) /2011.11.21. (星空レコード)DNH1000

Gen Hosokawa <Motion for jazz Frontier> “Steppin’ in” (m-5) “So Long” (m-9) / 2010 (Agate/ Inpartmaint Inc.) AGIP-3501

XS <Vimana: The Spaceship>  “Parallel” (m-1) “Vimana”(m-2) “Echoes & Light”(m-4) “Jam The Space” (m-5) “Sparkle”(m-6) / 2010.9.2. (Happiness Records) HRCD-36

The Armadillo Nightfly <Heart タタク Kiss> “marcassin cabriolet” (m-3) “DIAMOND RED BEETS”(m-10) / 2010.3.10. (Armadillo Nightfly Records) ANCD-1001

Toshimitsu Kumaki <Cosmic Wanderer>

Bright Shiny Day” featuring Matt Johnson(m-1) / 2009.11.25. (Street Life Recordings) STLFC-0001

Lin <Now I Know>  “The Water Is Wide” (m-9) / 2009 (April Records) ALCC2014

STARDISH <Conversation> “It’s Me Again” (m-5)

“Love You More-Vocal Version” (m-11) / 2009.6.3. (Hushbrown Records)

Nation of Multiverse <Nation of Multiverse> “Dee-Dah” (m-9) “Show Me the Sunshine in Your Breast Pocket” / 2008.10.4. (Routine Records) RCPP-003

Kayoko Kimura <Love Stream> “Fly Away”(m-4) / 2006.11.3. (L.I.F.Records) LIFR0611

<酒が旨くなるモダン郷土民謡~石川編①~> ”加賀長持唄” (m-2) / 2006 (Northern Lights Records) NLRCD-7215

<山口の四季~山口・メルヘン うたの彩~>

“山口ゆらゆら”「山口を代表する4人の詩人に寄せて」(m-9) / 2006 (Northern Lights Records) NLRCD-7214




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